Tadpole Treat

Just a little creature.


Behold: A bastard.

Me, but make it Osomatsu-san.

I was mad about transphobia so I made a furry about it

7 years ago I asked my aunt to make these two lads for me. Since then I've fallen off the Homestuck train, and anything beyond Meenah's first playable section is outside of my sphere of Homestuck knowledge. So I figured it's probably time to finally let go of these little dudes, or else they'd be doomed to sit in my closet for eternity.

Taking a picture of the things I'm reluctant to let go of is a kind of Marie Kondo-esque ritual I do when I'm cleaning out my room. This way, there's still a little piece of the object I can have, but it doesn't take up any physical space in my room anymore. On the surface it's kind of weird how attached we get to our belongings, but it makes sense. The period of my life when I was super obsessed with Homestuck was also a time when I was facing abuse, coming to terms with my gender and sexuality, trying to fit in, etc. And while all that was happening, I would find comfort in these stuffed toys. It makes sense that I would want a memento of such meaningful objects.

Anyway, that all was probably TMI. Originally I was going to just post the picture with no caption, but it doesn't feel like I'm doing these two justice by omitting the significant impact they had on me. After all, Marie Kondo's whole thing was about thanking the objects for their services, right? So this is me doing that.